Trademark Objection

Trademark Objection gives you a provision to clarify all the anomalies raised by the Trademark Registrar. Work with a CPAS-verified lawyer for compatible Trademark Registration.

  • Objection Notice
  • Affidavit Preparation
  • First Interview

What is a Trademark Objection?

Once applied for Trademark Registration, trademark offices can have objections for your expression for various reasons. This maybe because the expression is too similar to an existing trademark, it could hurt religious sentiments, or it is likely to cause some sorts of confusions. In such cases wherein a Trademark Registrar raises an objection for trademark registration, the applicant has a provision to submit a written reply for the objection raised within 30 days of receiving the objection. The reply should state reasons, facts and evidences as to why the mark should be registered in favour of the applicant. If the reply is clear and convincing, the chance that your application will be cleared is high as the Registrar may only need a clarification, in most cases.

Why Respond to a Trademark Objection

Likely Clearance

In most cases, the Registrar might only need a clarification. If you respond with clear evidence regarding the uniqueness of your trademark, chances that your application will be cleared are really high.

Brand Protection

The objection takes some time to be received. By that time, your company would have been using the (TM symbol) for quite some time and the customers would have been accustomed to the brand name/logo. Instead of recreating a new brand name/logo and thus possibly creating uncertainties in customers, you could easily convey to the registrar as to how your brand name/logo is distinct from others.

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